Transforming Point of Care Testing

Nanōmix rapid POC tests utilize an innovative platform incorporating highly sensitive, low cost carbon nanostructure biosensors that can be used for a wide range of assays and sample types.

point of care carbon nanotube biosensor testing solution
These tests have the potential to not only curtail the Ebola epidemic but prevent another one in the years ahead. They are significantly faster, cheaper, higher performing and can be deployed in far many more locations than the current standard PCR test in use in West Africa and the US. They produce results in minutes, do not require a lab setting and have been successfully field tested in the region. The tests are also able to differentiate between Ebola and other viruses like Malaria and Lassa. More information is available here.

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Next Generation in Cardiac POC Testing

Chest pain is the second leading cause of admittance to Emergency Departments in the US. An early and accurate diagnosis is key to achieving improved patient outcomes by allowing earlier treatment intervention. NanĊmix has developed a POC testing solution for use in the Emergency Department and by pre-hospital First Responders in the field to speed the diagnosis of acute Myocardial Infarction. Find out more.