Ebola Rapid Testing

Ebola results in 10 minutes


Rapid time to results with performance equal to a central laboratory system in a handheld, mobile device.

Nanoparticle Biosensor


Nanoparticle biosensors provide greater sensitivity than other rapid tests.

Results are quantitatively determined rather than a visual interpretation of a test strip.

Small whole blood sample


Direct detection from a whole blood sample; no sample preparation.

Multiplex capability provides test results for either Ebola and Lassa Fever from a single sample; essential for patient management.

The Nanōmix eLab rapid test system is significantly faster, cheaper, loaded with more capabilities and can be deployed in far many more locations than the current standard PCR test in use in West Africa and the US.   The system produces results in minutes not hours or days, has been successfully field tested in the region, can be used by traditional health care workers and does not require a lab setting.

The systems can be deployed at US ports of entry, and can differentiate between Ebola and other viruses like Malaria and Lassa. 

News and Information

The Nanōmix system has been successfully tested in Sierra Leone

eLab data is recorded, stored and available for mobile transmission using Bluetooth capabilities; stored data is available for analysis