Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases are a problem across the globe. They spread quickly and often result in severe health outcomes as well as large economic impacts on communities. The right steps need to be taken at the earliest possible time point to increase patient survival and reduce community burden and risk of spread.

Nanōmix and partners are working on multiplexed testing of a range of infectious agents including a rapid Sepsis test.

In the Developing World

The management of Infectious Diseases is a major global health issue. The Nanōmix system can be used to save lives in developing countries by enabling local communities to better diagnose and manage Infectious Diseases. Without access to healthcare infrastructure that is present in the Developed World, a test system that does not require a centralized lab, hospital or even a doctor can mean the difference in survival of millions of people.

The Nanōmix system can be adapted into a low cost consumable version to meet the significant demand for decentralized laboratory testing in lower resource settings such as developing countries and remote settings.

Nanōmix, along with its collaborators, field tested a multiplexed diagnostic for Ebola, Lassa and Dengue in Sierra Leone. This work was presented at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC).

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