Nanōmix eLab® COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Panel

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In Development: Rapid Point-of-Care Testing for COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic began, Nanōmix scientists immediately began work on rapid, point-of-care tests. We have now developed two 10-minute assays — one for antibodies and one for antigens. The antigen test is currently being validated at Nanōmix and at independent clinical facilities. We anticipate that the antigen test will be available October 2020.

These tests will be important additions to the diagnostics currently available for patients suspected to have, or to have previously had, COVID-19. The handheld Nanōmix eLab analyzer allows for accurate point-of-care testing, no matter where patients are. Results are produced in just 10 minutes. The test can be performed in hospitals, nursing facilities, elderly homes, urgent care centers, airports, schools, rural or remote communities, and more.

Antigen testing helps first responders and other healthcare professionals determine who should be isolated. Antibody testing is key to understanding which people are no longer at risk of infection and can safely go back to work. With this dual test availability, the Nanōmix eLab platform will enable testing subjects for early evidence of infection (antigen) and for active or past infection (IgG/IgM antibodies).

Nanōmix tests are designed to enhance existing testing approaches. When people require rapid results but are not near a PCR testing site, the Nanōmix viral antigen test can provide a rapid test for the presence of viral infection or antibodies. This can be important for worker testing or testing of subjects in non-hospital locations. The Nanōmix system will provide specificity and sensitivity at a level equivalent to laboratory testing systems and will greatly increase the community reach and number of individuals that can be tested.

Nanōmix COVID-19 tests have been supported by funding from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority.

Nanōmix has a strong track record of developing rapid, handheld tests for critical medical needs, including infectious disease outbreaks. Our technology was successfully field-tested during the Ebola crisis. In addition, we received CE Mark for an assay to aid in the rapid detection of serious infections, including sepsis and bacteremia.

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