The Nanōmix eLab® System

The fully automated point-of-care Nanōmix eLab® System consists of a handheld reader and an integrated, self-contained assay cartridge with a proprietary biosensor. The system weighs two pounds, and is about the size of a brick.

  • Lab-quality testing, at the point of care
  • Delivered rapidly and cost-effectively
  • Mobile, electronic detection and data availability
  • Multiple tests from a single patient sample
  • Results generated in just 10 minutes

Designed for emergency medical and other point-of-care needs, the Nanōmix eLab System uses a single blood, plasma, or serum sample, to provide actionable results, typically within 10 minutes.

The device is simple to operate via an intuitive user interface on a color touch screen. All test functions are controlled and automatically processed by the device. Results are available on the screen, via Bluetooth, or a connected printer. The robust design supports the system’s use in almost any setting, inside or outside of the traditional laboratory environment.

The Nanōmix eLab System uses a proprietary nano-biosensor formatted into a disposable microfluidics test cartridge for high-quality, reliable performance. By integrating carbon nanostructure detection elements with proprietary chemistries, Nanōmix has developed high-value detection devices capable of ultrasensitive, specific, and multiplexed detection of proteins, nucleic acids, and metabolite chemistries within a single test reaction.

elab system

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