Nanōmix Vision

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Nanomix vision

Quality healthcare should be available to consumers anywhere and anytime. The foundation of quality healthcare is timely information that supports a proper diagnosis.

Our Vision is to make healthcare accessible to patients, without compromise, by delivering the highest quality, fastest, cost effective and portable detection systems that bring the patient and caregiver closer together.

Today's model of centralized healthcare services works for patients that can access hospitals and whose conditions can be adequately addressed in hours rather than minutes. The growing use of mobile communications and the recognition that many medical decisions require faster intervention are driving a decentralization of diagnostic testing. The patient experience and the physician's ability to effectively treat only improve with faster, better information.  As a result, healthcare delivery is becoming more decentralized and widely accessible, moving from hospitals to clinics, physician's offices, pharmacies and into the home. 

Diagnostics are the foundation of medical treatment. Making the right decision at the right time with quality diagnostic information is critical to making patient care decisions. Using the Nanōmix systems, healthcare professionals will have rapid access to quality diagnostic information while they interact with the patient.  Remote, lower resource areas will be able to access professional care via mobile communication of diagnostic information from the Nanōmix system.