Our Company

Nanōmix is the leader in the development of mobile point-of-care diagnostics, with a handheld testing platform and assays that provide rapid, accurate, quantitative information for use in settings where time is critical to clinical decision making and improved patient care. Our products are designed to broadly impact health care delivery by bringing diagnostics to the point of initial patient interaction, whether in the hospital or in pre-hospital, remote, or alternative settings, thus enabling faster clinical decision-making and potentially treatment-in-place.

Nanōmix’s first assay addresses the critical need for faster sepsis diagnosis, but we are developing a deep pipeline of other high value tests where the rapid availability of high-quality diagnostic information can improve patient outcomes.

Nanōmix was founded in 2000 by UC Berkeley professors and award-winning physicists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Marvin L. Cohen and Alex Zettl.  Today, our company is poised to become the premier provider of analytical detection devices for the next generation of rapid point of care diagnostics in the projected $7 billion global POC market (2018).

Nanōmix also formed a collaboration in 2017 with World Technology East 2, RedPharm Biotechnology Ltd, and the associated entities in Hong Kong, China and the European Community. Our partnership focuses on the use and deployment of Nanōmix products and technology throughout Asia for human applications and worldwide veterinary applications in farm animal, companion animal, and wildlife management and control.

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