Mobile Diagnostics Without Compromise

The Challenges are Global

Clinicians need critical diagnostics earlier to empower the best, actionable care pathways.

The Value is Real

Empowered clinicians give millions the opportunity of timely treatment and improved patient outcomes.

Our Goal

Is to bring trusted diagnostics to the point of initial patient interaction, to expand access of quality healthcare to new settings, no matter where that patient interaction occurs

Nanomix Goals


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Schedule Your Demo at AACC 2021 of the Nanōmix eLab® system.

Critical Host Response Diagnostics in Minutes. Hand-held, Multiplex Immunoassay from a Single Sample.

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Boston Therapeutics Announces $8.4 Million Convertible Placement in Conjunction with Nanōmix Reverse Merger

"We are excited to move forward under this new structure with Nanomix’s complete organization and assets..."

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Fighting for Our Lives

With a platform already in place, Nanōmix had a significant head start. It developed a 10-minute blood test to detect the presence of antibodies in people who’ve recovered from COVID-19.